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Truly yours Chloe – An awesome Singleton

December 25, 2016

Tis the season to be jolly for being an awesome Singleton.  Yes folks, it’s that time of year again where we Singletons are subjected to the same old questions.  Here’s what we can expect to hear all too often in the coming weeks:

“Oh no have you still not met anyone yet?” (insert sad face right here)

“I’m sure there is someone out there for you, keep your spirits up”

“But what happened to that guy you were seeing? He seemed nice, we thought you were going to settle down with him”

…All delivered with a look of pity in their eye…

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How about we celebrate my awesomeness huh?  Here is why I am still single and why my life is absolutely awesome:

  1. I’ve met loads of people, some cool and some absolute weirdos but none that I’ve decided to spend my life with since last week when you asked.  But, thank you for caring so much
  2. My spirits aren’t down (please do not look at me with pity) – I love my life and you should be happy for me! Yes, there are moments when I’m gutted that I’m not a millionaire living the dream, but I’m happy. I am not out there desperately seeking someone to complete me and to save me from whatever loneliness and despair you may feel is going through me
  3. That guy I was ‘seeing’, was actually just four dates, yes just four dates!  He was nice. He also turned out to like doing drugs in the middle of the day and getting so drunk he wet himself.  I decided he  wasn’t part of my happily ever after and gladly let that gem go…..yes I know, even if it does mean that I’m still that poor single friend

“Oh, but why don’t you just settle?”

Ok lets get this straight, no one should ever have to settle.  I don’t want to ‘just settle’. EVER! It’s a concept that I haven’t been able to get my head around since I was young.  Settle – “to arrange matters in dispute; come to an agreement: to settle with a person”….No thank you! I know it’s just a word but it freaks the absolute hell out of me and makes me want to run for the hills.

Best advice ever: “Find someone that is worth it!”

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than open to one day meeting a new best friend who has the same interests as me, to explore, to laugh, to challenge me, to do random spontaneous stuff with, to sit in silence next to me whilst I watch the entire tv series of “The Good Wife” in 24 hours. 

I would also love the  added bonus of finding someone that would add to my already awesome life with the obvious attraction and connection thrown in.  If only I was attracted to one of my best mates! Sigh..But alas NO!  I don’t and won’t ‘settle down’ with them, I want to share a wonderful life with them.

Second best advice ever: “Be awesome in your own right”

Being single isn’t a burden and being  in a relationship shouldn’t define you. When it’s right, we will absolutely meet someone and it will be worth the years of torturous judging by others! 😉 Until then… Enjoy being an awesome Singleton or happily living life with your best friend. 

Because, I reckon there is a lot more people in the world that are in relationships and miserable then some of us awesome Singletons. 










Blissfully yours,

Chloe Singleton

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