What does his text really mean?

September 6, 2016

Guy:  “I’m sorry but I’m not really looking for something serious right now”


Interesting that he chose the word “really”.  Sorry to break it to you honey the “really” is a very important choice of word, it actually means “Look if the right person comes along sure! But you ain’t.  Oh and by the way,  sorry.”

It could also mean that he is up for another “catch-up” of the “catch-up” variety.  We recommend you don’t, instead go out there and enjoy yourself, enjoy your own company and also meeting new people.

Guy:  “Hey sorry to do this to you, but…something has come up.  I can’t make it.”  Text is sent 20mins before you are scheduled to meet.

Ok this has happened to me before,  I remember the time so clearly it was this guy I have had a crush on for like forever.  So I dolled myself up and hopped into my car.  As I was backing out of my driveway my phone pinged and yup there you have it. The…”Sorry something has come up text.”

Now I know what you may be thinking and perhaps something did come up unexpectedly, but it really does deserve a phone call.  A text is a little too impersonal and seems to be a cop out.

Do not fret though, this is the type of text you can still salvage a relationship from.  If he follows up with can we make it another time?  Or a check in a few days later (up to four days is reasonable) then you’re good to go and he seems like an ok guy.

If he doesn’t follow through,  honey he is not worth it.  Tell me if your bestie ever did this to you wouldn’t she follow through with another catch up? Well, the same applies to having a guy in your life.

Guy:  “Hey!!!! How are you????”

Ok this one is super cool,  this is actually a personal favourite.  Notice the !!!! and the ????  He super likes you and in a nice way, not the jump in your pants, see you later kinda way.  You go girl! Text away…


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