Dating – Please… not another wine catch up!

January 22, 2017

Hi,  I’m Darren and I’m hoping this will be one of many blog posts I share with you about my own dating dilemmas, trying to find someone to go with. 

Last week I saw a funny meme, a kind of social commentary on how our attitudes have relaxed over the years since the birth of the internet. It went;

1998 – don’t talk to strangers on the internet and never get in a strangers car.

2016 – literally calling strangers on the internet, to get in a strangers car.

It made me smile, and got me thinking about how our attitudes have also changed when it comes to online dating, which has evolved in much the same way:

1998 – don’t embarrass yourself by doing online dating

2016 – you don’t have an online dating account… what’s wrong with you?


Online Dating


The original, and still the go-to for casual hook-up’s. Yes it has a slight stigma attached, but that’s purely because it was the first of it’s kind… What’s that saying, “it’s easy to spot the trailblazers, they’re the ones with all the arrows in their back!” It’s working hard to eliminate the odour and become PG friendly.


What the kids are using – their niche, it not only brings back matches based on your immediate location settings, but also tells you how many times your paths have crossed, and where they crossed. Every 1998 parents nightmare!


For the still-single, older generation who want to appear relevant – there niche, the women has to initiate the conversation.

Epic Catch

Not exactly a dating site, but I’ve added it to this list because it still basically involves two people meeting – their niche, which is actually quite different to anything else out there at the moment; you choose the dating experience first, then match with people who are also interested in that experience. You can then book and pay for the activity right there and then.

It’s an interesting concept. One which got me thinking about my own “dating” experiences.


Please… not another wine catch up!

With the ease of which you can meet someone now, using any of the afore mentioned apps, there’s been a shift back to simply just meeting for a drink or sometimes a pre-drink in a bar, usually the same bar… over and over.

Why is it so important we meet in a bar and have a drink to justify our two days of chatting via instant messages that we’re fit for a lifetime together?


No one puts any effort into the first date anymore

Instant chemistry is not only down to those beautiful curves or bulging t-shirt muscles or that to die for smile and sharp dress sense. But who you are, your likes, dislikes, dreams and ambitions… we know this.

There was a stat I read a while back about couples who stayed together longer, shared many life experiences together. Maybe the team at Epic Catch are onto something!

Surely one of the best ways to work out if you are going to get along with someone in the long run, is to partake in an activity you both enjoy or have an affinity to at least try? And if it works out, there will no doubt be plenty of opportunities in the future for that drink at your favourite bar.

Dance lessons, cooking or craft classes, wine courses, food festivals… going to a theatre, dance or comedy show… hey, I’m even up for skydiving if it means I don’t have to meet another person in that same bar, for that same first get to know-one-another-drink!


So long, bye now.

Darren Amigo

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