I faked a smile and I liked it…

September 19, 2016

“How did I become this way?” What happened to the carefree, happy, and generally nice-to-be-around kind of girl that I once was? WHERE IS SHE? As I second-guessed myself, a profound self-discovery came about. Read below to hear my EPIC tale. 


On a particularly busy week, a random passerby firmly asked – rather pried it out of me by demanding, “SMILE.” Really? If I wanted to smile, I would. What if I didn’t feel like it? What if I had a bad day and I couldn’t bring myself to? Did I miss the big picture?

A brief discussion with the amazing dating coach Harvey Hooke over his philosophy on the subject, changed my prospective. I mean, I had poured my heart and soul into creating a service that allows others to get out there and be social, and I wondered how I could have overseen it myself.

Harvey helped me realize that these days, in our infinite growing list of things to do, it is easy to forget that we are human. Coupled with his other brilliant fundamentals, I decided to simply try it. I faked a smile for the sake getting that reaction, or to see if I could make someone’s day – and mine as well for that matter. And guess what? It worked! That faked smile transformed me into who I am. I happily wear a real smile on my face these days – A smile that helps me establish new connections and lasting friendships…

It is no secret we are capable of being properly social. No amount of work or personal reservation should get in the way of our journey in making that real or ultimate connection. Our lives are epic in itself, and our unique experiences help pave the path to our future. It doesn’t hurt to have people like Harvey Hooke to help remind us either…

Stay tuned for more exciting tales of my journey!

Until then…

Lots of love,

Meray 💌


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Edited by:  Tanya Cabot, author of  I’d rather be gutting fish