Dating Adventures From London – When To Send The Follow Up Text

April 20, 2018

Hi, my name is Alex, I live in London and I’m currently single.

Last week I wrote about first date dating tips; how first impressions really count, why you should dress to impress and even if it’s a slow start… don’t panic!

Lets presume you didn’t panic, and things went well… how long should you leave it, before sending a follow up text?

I like to think of a first date a bit like an exam. There have been four times I’ve known how the exam went: Three times it went perfectly, and I passed with flying colours. Then, there was the other time I knew it had gone wrong, and I was in trouble!

All the others kind of fit into the “Not sure really” section. You think you’ve done ok but in the cold light of day you really have no idea.

I recently went on a date in which I had absolutely no idea how it went. She was pretty, fun and interesting and I enjoyed her company. But I just couldn’t work out what she thought of me. On the way home I made one mental list as to why there could be a second date and, then another list as to why there might not be a second date. Both were the same length and both had valid points! In the interest of baring my soul for the sake of this blog… my text message back to her was ignored, and there was no second date.

However, a few months later, the same thing happened, but this time there was a second date, and a third and a few more in fact. Both times I messaged an hour after saying goodbye. My point is this, seeing as it’s not always easy to ascertain exactly how the date went from the other persons perspective. if you like them, don’t get hung up on when you should send a message!

In the past, there has been a lot of commentary around texting to soon, making you appear overly keen. Or texting too late, making the other person appear as an afterthought.

I disagree… If you like the person… text them straight away. I’ve started asking my dates to text to let me know they’ve arrived home safely. This way you’re forcing the issue and you can judge the warmth, and sometimes flirtiness, from their response.


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Good luck!

Alex, London

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