Dating Adventures From London – Try Epic Catch

May 11, 2018

Hi, my name is Alex, I live in London and I’m currently dating.

Last week I wrote about how to not get disheartened when entering the dating scene. Dating can be tough and having to constantly put forward the best version of yourself over a drink in that same bar can be daunting as well as draining. What if there was a platform where your first date experience was sharing something new, with someone new?

I’ve spoken in the past about the benefits of online dating. One of those benefits is the opportunity to just meet new and exciting people, whether it ends up being romantic or purely platonic, you’re growing your social circle. We are all social creatures, with studies continuing to show that having a good support network with strong relationships is good for your mental health. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explained this best with a sense of belonging (intimate relationships, friends) being the third step in our basic human needs behind Physiological and Safety needs. Epic Catch = science. Fact!

London is full of awesome, amazing people, but you won’t always get the chance to meet them. Epic Catch is a platform that doesn’t connect you by your location or by a specific interest, but by a set of activity based criteria. Rather than just going for another drink in that same bar, on Epic Catch you can find someone, and then book something new and exciting… an activity or experience right there on the app. Fancy Go karting, or a new play, maybe some comedy. Epic Catch allows you meet someone new, experience something new and you’ll have a common interest and plenty to talk about from the off, before you even begin the date!

Coupled with the fact that, if, for whatever reason that spark isn’t there, at least you’ve got to do or see something fun and entertaining!

So sign up to Epic Catch today and get out there and experience something new with someone new. I did.


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Good luck!

Alex, London

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