Dating Adventures From London – Dating Terms

March 16, 2018

Hi, my name is Alex, I live in London and I’m currently single.

Sometimes it seems like dating isn’t just a different world but a different language. There are different levels of fluency, a skill-set that focuses on how you read and write, as well as how you speak and listen… there are even dating terms that have to be explained before they make any sense!

But unlike a language where the more you practice the better you get, in dating it can sometimes feel the harder you try the worse you fail… and I sure have failed at times. Indeed, I’ve been victim to a few of the dating terms listed below. But I know I’m not alone.

So why do I, and so many others, keep at it if there is so much disappointment around?

Because, like in life, amidst the disappointments there are always great successes. When it all clicks into place, when you meet that awesome someone, you realise it was all worth it. It really can be like those “Romcom’s” or that great song on the radio that nails just how you feel. Meeting someone who gets you, that makes you happy, can make life so much nicer.

So please, join me for my six part blog series on my dating experiences right here in London.


The Dating Terms you need to know now


A dating term used by those with no intention of settling down. ‘Breadcrumbing’ involves leading someone on with a number of flirty messages, but never following through. It’s not uncommon for the worst offenders to not even meet their ‘breadcrumbing’ targets!

The ‘Slow Fade’

A term used to describe the action of cutting ties with someone without the drama, slowly reducing the amount of communication, before they eventually disappear altogether. Watch out for slower text responses, unanswered phone calls and no commitment on future plans!


A well-known term, meaning to ignore someone completely until they eventually get the message, and give up trying to contact you. Also sometimes referred to as ‘pulling a Swayze’.


When someone comes back out of nowhere, seemingly from the dead, with renewed vigour!

The ‘Catfish’

Creating a fake identity… where someone takes on a persona to trick another person into believing they’re someone else online. A ‘catfish’ will often go to extreme measures to continue their lie and typically use all manner of social networks and dating sites to keep up the illusion.


Similar to the ‘Catfish’ above, ‘Kittenfishing’ is when one presents themselves in an artificially flattering light, either through very old or altered photos and misleading information about their work and social life.


Exactly what it sounds like, ‘Benching’ occurs when you’re are kept on the back burner (on the bench). You might get a chance to date, but only if there are no other prospects on the horizon!


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Good luck!

Alex, London

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