Epic Catch – Time Invested, Not Time Wasted

January 15, 2017

Hi my name is Chloe and this year marks the third year I have been a consistent singleton. Please don’t pass on your pity for me,  my life is awesome and here’s why.


My single life is awesome – but things are changing

I have a carefree, fun, adventurous life – living the dream with my awesome group of friends, partying all the time going to amazing places and making some amazing memories (or not depending on how much we drink!). But, lately things have been shifting. Looking at it now it wasn’t so sudden, more like a very slow progression.

Friends started to get married… which is amazing albeit slightly scary but a natural progression so we went with it. Caught up in the wedded blissness with our bestie’s, we singletons failed to think far enough ahead to the next evolution… KIDS! When kids started popping out we were again so excited about the prospect of having the little ankle biters around that there was no thought as to what this meant to our long standing group independence.

Gone are the days when a group text to 20 of your close friends arranging a hungover breakfast on a Sunday morning. It’s now more like the conjuring of a measly 5 people as opposed to the 20 that used to turn up. Even the trusted quiz nights weren’t safe, these have now turned into an early dinner and a cup of tea round someone’s house.

I’m sure you are getting the picture now. So maybe my singleton life is not the happily ever after I imagined. Who am I going to do things with now?!?! I’m a very independent girl, travelling the world on my own, meeting new people however that’s not ‘real life’ when everyone is in the same chilled out relaxed holiday mode!

For me turning up to an event/occasion on my own in Melbourne though is a completely different story. I wouldn’t do it! If my friends or an acquaintance couldn’t come with me, I’d end up staying in watching Netflix and missing out.

I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of people in the same situation as me that would LOVE to go to a gig or yoga on the beach but need a little friendly backup to do so! Recently I discovered Epic Catch an experience booking platform that finds you someone to go with. Epic Catch gave me the chance to find likeminded people that enjoyed the same things as me and opened up a new social group that I would never have found.

I know what you’re thinking, not another dating app, but Epic Catch is different because its no tinder. Which leads me on to point number two: The Dating life


My single life is awesome – but please, no more Tinder

Ah Tinder – the one thing in my life that I have no idea why I participate in it but can’t seem to help myself to just pop on every now and then to see what delightful men of Melbourne are waiting for me. It’s the same thing every time, they don’t message, or when they do it’s the standard ‘how is your day’ or ‘Hi’. (I wish our blog on ‘dating terms‘ by Alex in London was out last year!) I try to write back something funny/witty to start a bit of banter but more often than not this leads into two types of outcomes:

  1. I just want sex – ’Why don’t you come and meet me tonight after I’ve been out for work drinks’ and “we can catch up”.  Translated to ‘I’m going to be drunk later and fancy a shag… up for it?’
  2. I need entertaining – Lets message for weeks on end and always plan to meet up but really I’m just lonely and enjoy the attention of chatting to someone without having to get off by backside and make an effort.

If I just wanted a random hook up I could just drag myself to the nearest bar or club and pick up a random and if I just wanted to chat about life I’d call on of my friends who I struggle to spend enough time with. No thanks, you can keep your small talk and that profile pic that was taken 15 years ago! 


Epic Catch – Time invested, Not time wasted

We have limited time in this crazy manic life so it makes sense to chat to people that you know have the same interests as you that want to go to the same places, experience the same things.  This is where Epic Catch is different, you are already starting off with a connection based on a common interest! A.K.A an event or activity you both want to share. Already there is a huge difference,  you have something to share. I know what you are thinking, oh what if they are ugly, what if there is no spark? What if? What if? What if you are starting off with at least something in common and allow yourself to see where it goes – even if it’s not romantic, you can never have enough friend’s right?

Not only that, Epic Catch takes the pressure off deciding where to go – what if they don’t like it, what if they think it’s a shit idea? Wondering who should pay? Meeting new people is daunting enough having to rock up to a busy place to look around for a person that could look totally different to what you think and with everyone in said place knowing that you’re about to have a first date and judging you the entire night (it happens – I do it to people all the time!).

So try Epic Catch. It’s personal, it takes the pressure off and you know that you already have a shared goal (getting out of the house and enjoying something that you don’t want to do alone). Whether that be an experience, a relationship, someone to hang out with because all your friends are busy, have settled down with partners and decided to produce kids, Epic Catch has you covered and will make you the one that always has plans and someone to go with.


Blissfully yours,

Chloe Singleton

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