An Epic Journey has to start somewhere

March 30, 2018

One day in late March I was one of four companies pitching in front of 250 people at Start Up Victoria. It was nerve wracking to say the least, but so worth it as we won!

Epic Catch has taken over my life!

“WTF… WTF have you done?”

I seem to whisper this to myself quite often these days. While other times its more like “Wow, look how far you’ve come girl!” My life is interesting to say the least.

It’s pretty amazing how my faults and flaws have led me to where I am today, constantly being branded as “not a good cultural fit” in some of the organisations I’ve worked for (I think that’s code for “you’re doing a great job, but nobody actually likes you”) …I questioned my purpose in life constantly.

This all changed as soon as I embraced life and let go of old connections that were no longer relevant. Almost overnight, my life catapulted onto a completely new path. I embraced change, and at the same time was scared shitless! It all started with a man named “Flakey, Flake.”


Travelling Europe

Flakey Flake was a real life McDreamy. We met over a decade ago whilst I was travelling and living my life in Europe. He was very American. Charming and so, so tall 6ft 4in fact! I thought we looked ridiculous standing next to each other, like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins. He was on his end of year college trip with his ”buds”, and we were staying in the same hostel in Berlin. Our paths crossed whilst on a pub crawl in Berlin, Germany. If you’ve ever been to Berlin, you’ll know that the night life is amazing! The people, the culture, not to mention the beers!

We were all having a great time and in the corner of my eye, I would get glimpses of ‘Flake’ looking over at me. It didn’t just happen the once either, it happened repeatedly. Hmmmm? And me being me… well of course I continued to look over in his direction 😉 Every time I would look up, he was just there.

Alone and Lost in Berlin

After a few too many beers somehow I ended up separated from the group (story of my life) and found myself in the back streets of Berlin. Pre smartphone era. I was lost!

Suddenly through the thick winter mist, Flakey Flake appeared. Like a knight in shining armor he came into the night to save me. We just clicked. We stopped to ask for directions, from a group of lovely women standing on the street corner. They were holding umbrellas and had a unique “style” about them, miniskirts, knee high boots… you get my drift. They were so lovely and kind, but did ask us to respect their privacy. Moving right along, they gave us the appropriate directions and we went on our merry way to once again be reunited with our group of friends.

In the excitement and chaos of being lost in Berlin by myself, I failed to realise this humongous Arnold Schwarzenegger was holding my delicate and tiny Danny DeVito hand. As we approached the club where our friends would be, I couldn’t help but think, Wow, thank you.

Upon entering the club we were met with the pungent smell of smoke and heavy, thumping dance music. Off in the distance I could see my friend. Wasted… swaying to the music. Suddenly I saw her dart to the bathroom clutching at her mouth. “Oh no!”, I quickly followed, but it was too late… her cheek was already resting on the toilet seat. To be 25 again!
The rest of the night is a bit of a blur, my friend never recovered and spent a good part of it “resting”, with her face firmly planted on a public toilet seat.

Eventually we had to navigate ourselves back to the hostel, whilst trying to balance my passed out friend and all our belongings. Just as I was losing hope, ‘Flake’ appeared again. My friend collapsed in his arms, passed out drunk. He carried her home. Meanwhile, my little legs raced to keep up with them.

Chivalry is not dead

Looking back now, I know that there was kindness in his eyes, a type of softness only a giant could possess. His actions that night showed me that there is still hope in this world, that chivalry was not dead and I secretly hoped he would be in my life again one day.

As the sun came up, we went our separate ways, vowing to stay in touch and become Facebook friends. Facebook. Thank you!

Where would our future lead us? What adventures were we going to have? Would we reach our dreams? I was hopeful that our lives would cross paths again, and so they did, just not in the way I expected…

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Lots of love,

Meray Azar

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